The particular traffic handle department performed several remediation activities

Mobile Car not separated cases, some elements of the targeted traffic management section Vehicle Branch contains directly for the squadron with the County Travel Battalion also traffic ailments are achieved, or inside the focus about rural carry squadron, so in which rural targeted traffic safety advertising positions to deal with a number of the traffic supervision business windowpane to answer the difficulties of size travel buddies closer for the peasants. Actively increase the traffic basic safety management method, establish the device of sociable traffic basic safety publicity only 1 hand. Repeated, with the activities of the particular peasant masses in the end, in order to raised consider the travel wants and safety, rational advancement of countryside passenger transport needs to be a essential measure.

“Before I went along to town, or go a considerable ways, or devote 10 money to hire motorcycles. Now on the gates to have on the particular bus, not merely convenient yet safe. inches In Huaihua, Hunan Xupu Shuangjing community. The scene with the vehicles fighting over customers is certainly the memory space, now, passenger taxi orderly here looking forward to the shuttle’s farmers generally feel secure and safe. In the past few years, Huaihua, Hunan strenuously develop countryside passenger carry, each county create rural voyager transport business, the implementation with the slice functioning, independent data processing, unified booking “. The city’s engagement in countryside passenger automobile all within the operational management with the Passenger Carry Company.

The whole demand with the rural industry is comparatively fixed, and also rural voyager transport, low-speed vehicle manned a smaller amount, the advancement of countryside passenger transport can be a fundamental solution to solve the particular agricultural car issues. “Ministry regarding Public Safety Traffic Supervision Bureau established said. Huaihua City inside the first half 2011, rural path traffic incidents since how many injuries, deaths and also direct monetary losses year-on-year decrease of 9. 2%, 3. 5%, 20. 8%, 18. 4%, without serious targeted traffic accidents.

“Because the trail is weak, the distinct bulk, slender profits, farmers stand up to the constrained capacity of several factors, the advancement of countryside passenger transport currently stage there is certainly still level of resistance. ” The particular relevant person in control of the Ministry regarding Public Safety Traffic Supervision Bureau mentioned, “To this kind of end, the particular relevant authorities departments must take the particular initiative since, planning before rural voyager lines, to determine the passenger car models, and also strengthen the particular construction regarding passenger airport terminal field, specifies the important points of the particular operators regarding rural voyager transport, safety mechanisms, or even function as appropriate coverage incentives concurrently, Main goods: car digital video disc player and also car digital video disc, are with high quality. you can study on Huaihua Advancement passenger industry management, reducing the particular security risks with the individual driving due to fame and also fortune. inches

In the past few years, the targeted traffic control section conducted many remediation activities, on countryside roads “besieged”. But it turns out, this can easily only take one anyone to achieve several effect Free Site content, but can’t completely get rid of the “farm vehicle” as well as the potential basic safety problems.