CBT Courses In London

Most bikers consider the DAS (Direct Access Scheme) licence to be the most valuable, although if this is your goal, you should be prepared to do at least a little work to get this certification which allows any type of bike to be ridden. In fact the minimum level of bike is one with a power output of 40kw and a 59cc engine, meaning that every rider should be more than satisfied. If you intend to qualify for your DAS licence there are several guidelines that must be satisfied.

You will need to be at least 24 years old in order to secure your DAS licence. And if the progressive access route has been observed, you will also qualify if you have held the A2 licence for a minimum of two years. A maximum of 35 kw of power on any bike you ride is one of the restrictions of the A2 licence. Upgrading your licence by taking the progressive access route is fairly easy, as in effect you are basically just taking the practical test once again.

And of course if you haven’t already done so, you are also required to have completed the CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) course. If you need to take your CBT course London has plenty of facilities offering this basic training course.

Having a competent, knowledgeable and highly trained instructor is an absolute must, regardless of the course you are taking and it’s worth taking the time to research training facilities. Look for a high rate of success, and an emphasis on customer service and reliability.

Riding a motorbike comes with a wonderful sense of freedom as well as other advantages, including easier parking, less money spent on petrol and maintaining a car or taking public transport. Full motorcycle training is offered all over the capital, and can help you become a skilled, knowledgeable and competent rider, as well as someone who understands the importance of safe bike riding.