What to Know About Building a Lake Front Seawall

Seawalls are popular along coastlines and lakefronts. Protecting the land from the erosion caused by the waves lapping the shore is the main function of a seawall. Lakeside seawalls can help keep your lake house land from disappearing.


Build your seawall out of a variety of materials depending on your budget and needs. Riprap has a natural look because it uses large stones. Concrete, granite and limestone are commonly used to create the border along the water line. Marine services Palm Beach County may also use more modern materials such as vinyl and plastic. Choose the color of your seawall by using these economical products. Wood and steel need proper treatment in order to be used in a seawall due to the effects water has on these materials. Concreate lasts about 30 years and is found frequently in seawalls due to its versatility.


Depending on the material used to construct the seawall, the repairs can be different. Easily repair riprap by replacing broken or scattered stones. To repair concrete, hire a professional to repair large areas of damage. Small cracks or holes can be patched fairly easily.


The material used to create the seawall has a huge impact on cost. The material used also impacts how long the seawall will last. Some materials like vinyl may last up to 50 years while steel only about 25 years. The professional used to install the material can impact the length of time it lasts and overall cost.


Beyond protecting the land from erosion, a lake seawall keeps the water depth the same. Water depth is important to maintain especially if you have a large boat moored at your dock. The seawall is an attractive option to the lake house. It keeps flooding and poor drainage from creating a new look of the land. Some lakes require a seawall, so it is important to check with local authorities on the requirements for building one.