Total Lubricants

A lubricant is a distinguished class of petroleum oils and possesses enormous applications in the automotive, industrial sector, the technological sector, agricultural sector and various other sectors which involve the functioning of machines. It is poured into the machines to reduce friction between the parts that slide side by side when functioning in parts or as a whole. Various causes behind their usage include smoothness of sliding contact, eradication of heat production during functioning and texture assembling.

Total lubricants being a reliable market leader has a motto “Turn your car engine into a tireless athlete”. This motto is maintained by their efficient and professional approach together with remarkable technological advancements and thorough research improvement.

Engine oil

Every engine needs engine oil to run properly as it is an essential part of the engine’s working. Irrespective of the class it belongs to, it plays a vital role in the engine’s working. Its role includes lubrication of moving parts of the engine which are constantly in friction, cooling in between the engine parts as energy is lost during combustion and friction that causes the temperature to rise, cleansing action in the engine, protection against corrosion, and it also enhances sealing of engine parts especially pistons and cylinders. A reliable engine oil if properly formulated could avoid costly repairs, and prevent high damages due to friction. It ensures a longer lifespan of an engine, the proper running of the engine and improved fuel consumption and controlled CO2 emissions. The thing must consider is to choose the right oil for your car. Either it could be mineral engine oils, semi-synthetic engine oils or synthetic engine oils. Right engine oil will guarantee optimum efficiency and up to the mark performance.

Total quartz

Talking about the benefits of TOTAL QUARTZ engine oils, one assumes it to be formulated in collaboration with car manufacturers, used for factory fills and safe to use with an after-sale vehicle. It features technologies which are approved by manufacturers for their future engines. Total engine oils are quite able to withstand all types of engine wear, clogging and oxidation, together with pollution control systems. It has won various motorsports competitions of highest level across the globe, and its extended range of application make it viable for each and every set of tires running on the surface of the earth. These are formulated by keeping in mind the needs and descriptions of engines and designed with best ever technology. It is producing high profile products that are extensively being used in more than 130 countries. Total is the partner of some of the biggest car manufacturers across the globe likewise Infiniti Red Bull, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Lotus, Nissan, Great Wall Motors, Toyota and some other subsidiary brands.

Total also sponsors and is a partner of various major media events likewise COPA TOTAL Sudamericana, film Robocop, and the Facebook Engine race. Talking about innovation in their production, Total has made possible the innovative measure to improve fuel economy that is essential for every car owner and always considers it while driving a car.
By analyzing the above-mentioned facts and calculations, one may assume the fact that Total Motor oils are way friendlier than any other comparing product while hitting the roads.