The Many Uses of Wire Mesh

The wire mesh is a versatile product, used industrially in construction of architecture, enclosures, retention of rocks and walls, and maintenance of bridges and highways, among other things. Wire mesh is extremely useful in farming and gardening, and for all agricultural uses with livestock and agriculture. Wire mesh helps us to build, restrain, retain, and endless other things. Since wire mesh is used for so many different things, it comes in a vast variety of styles, materials, and quality. Choosing the wrong mesh can result in failure of the mesh to do the required job, or overpaying for a mesh that you didn’t really need. Whether you are seeking a wire mesh for your home, garden, farm, business, or architectural projects, there is a perfect wire mesh to meet your needs.

Farm, Garden and Agriculture

Wire mesh can protect your crops from wildlife from deer and possums to birds. It is one of the only materials capable of keeping out the clever and resourceful rat. Wire mesh can also be used to make compost bins or trellises, to sift soil and grain, and to make planters or assist in greenhouse structures. Wire mesh can keep livestock from horses to chickens and rabbits restrained and safe, while still allowing plenty of light and air-flow.


Wire mesh can give support to concrete, be made into hidden retaining walls for soil and stones, and a wide variety of other applications. The cost for wire mesh used industrially will add up quickly, so choose the most affordable wire mesh that will meet your needs. Compare products at a reputable company like Newark Wire Cloth Company to choose the best product for your needs. Learn about them here.

Mesh to Use

When caging animals in or keeping them out, careful consideration must be used. Mesh must be close enough to keep animals from getting their heads stuck in the gaps and strong enough to resist the weight of animals leaning on or pulling on them. You will overpay for mesh that is too fine or strong, but mesh that is too wide or weak will fail, so careful thought must be put into job the mesh will do.

If mesh is going to be exposed to the elements, and especially if it will be kept moist as in the case of a compost bin or retention wall, mesh should be galvanized or stainless steel. If mesh must withstand the weight of strong animals it should be welded for optimum strength. See how wire mesh baskets fit for your needs.

If you are looking for the most reliable mesh available, durable stainless steel mesh can be trusted to provide long lasting strength no matter the elements. Be prepared to pay a steep price for the highest quality stainless steel, but know it will last a long time.