Everything you need to know about tyre scams

Recurrently fake tyres are sold worldwide concealed within counterfeit brand packing. We as an ordinary vehicles owner’s might have outfitted one in our vehicle and still do not know about it.

These fake tyres incorporate numerous flaws and pose serious risks. Paying less or being unconscious of the tyre being bought can cost drivers their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Fake tyres are made with lesser and unreliable materials that can place you and your vehicle in risk. Saving a bit of cash may appear like a wonderful idea yet the trade-off for getting fake tyres and what they can do to both to your vehicle and you are not worth saving a few bucks.

It is a matter of fact that the majority of the time people are not educated about the tyre they want to buy for their vehicle, hence, get scammed by the tyre retailer. Even with the resolution to not compromise on money, it is equally important that you are fully educated about the tyre you want to buy.

Likewise, choosing a tyre vendor is also important, that is why PitStopArabia, an online tyre store in Dubai, recommends to always buy a tyre from certified and authorized tyre dealers Where you can find all types of tires like Yokohama, micheline, pirelli and continental tyres.

Key triggers of a tyre scam

Here are some of the key triggers that will help you in investigating whether you are being scammed or not.

Fake tyre brands

Every now and again, the fake tyre manufacturers attempt to duplicate the major tyre brands, however,  they neglect to give 100 percent.

Always check for incorrect spelling of brand names, such as following:

  • Smidgestones
  • Jokohamas
  • Direllis

In case you’re planning on purchasing a tyre via online tyre retailer search for the comparative pictures, and remember to shop from the official site or reliable and authorized retailer. Ensure you read the tyre description entirely before clicking on “Purchase Now” –it is better to research rather than to regret tomorrow.

Fake Specifications

When opting to purchase a tyre its key specifications such as tread depth and other various specification are very important. Search the web and compare details for the same tyre from various different retailers and in the event that the track depth or any other specification of the tyre isn’t same, it’s probably it is a counterfeit tyre or utilized tyre.

Tyre details are missing

When looking to purchase a tyre make sure that it has all the relevant details. Even if the slightest amount of details are missing it is a colossal warning.

In case you can’t interpret the tyre details it is better to ask the respective tyre retailer for clarification. It is essential for proof and security purposes that the details are there and you understand them totally.

Documentation is missing

Every reliable and certified tyre accompanies its documentation and in the event that documentation is missing you must be alarmed. Before purchasing a tyre you must ask the tyre retailer weather you will be furnished with the documentation or not.

This documentation typically incorporates warranty, ownership, and various key tyre specifications.

Instant discounts

Many fake tyre retailers will offer you an instant discount on the tyres which clearly is an indication that the tyre is fake until or unless you are blinded by the greed of saving a few bucks.

Dot code is missing

In the event that DOT (Department of Transportation) code is missing on the tyre or its not clearly visible than never opt to purchase that tyre.

DOT code is imprinted on the sidewall of the tyre and it is very significant since it’s last four digits indicates the manufacturing date of the tyre. It is the only way you can determine whether the tyre is expired or not.

However, remember tyre expiration is not only limited to the variable of five to six years the mileage is also an important factor. A tyre can complete its prescribed mileage within two years if it is driven with at a high frequency.


To be very honest the majority of us are not quite a detective type that is why it is always a good idea to being by being honest with the tyre retailer. To begin with, ask the retailer whether the tyre is fake or not. Majority of the tyre retailers won’t lie and tell you the truth while implying that these are budget tyres. If the reply is in ‘no’ then you can go ahead and cross-check the tyre with above tyre scamming key triggers.

To conclude, it is your ethical and moral obligation that you make sure that the tyre you are purchasing is reliable since fake tyre not only can be a risk to your life but the life of other’s as well. So be warned, educated, and do not try to save a few bucks while bargaining your safety.