About Jack Brabham Son, David Brabham!

Brabham is the name having legendary status in the world of Formula 1 racing. Jack Brabham son, David Brabham has reached to the heights of success in his career or Formula 1 racing. This is the time, when this son of a superstar has starting making amazingly high performance track cars. David is the son of 3 times Formula 1 racing champion of world level and is also the founder Brahman Formula1 racing team, who had made some leading and prominent track cars in the era of 1960.

David has retired now. He is now working to redeem his father’s tradition of manufacturing. His automotive company has started delivering its track cars. According to Brabham, racing was always in his blood and said that his father always discouraged him to pursue racing as a career.

According to the latest news, the brand Brabham is going to Le Mans once again. This Adelaide-based track car manufacturer has successfully launched track car with the name BT62. This track has broken many records of the past. The development of a highly competitive racing team and a yearly motorsport program is already in process.

The target of his team is to participate in the upcoming 24 Hours of Le Mans and also in the 2021/22 season of World Endurance Championship. The intention of the team is to become a part of GTE class in these championships. The most amazing news for the fans is also on its way. All the crazy fans can closely follow each and every match and update on these events through social media channels. Use the hashtag #brabhamroadtolemans.

The journey down to the Le Mans has always been a dream for the Brabhman Automotive company and now it is so fortunate for David to see this dream coming true in front of his eyes. Brabham Automotive and some of renowned commercial and advertising partners will be dealing with the entry and every in-house activity. This whole even is going to be closely linked with the Driver Development Programme called Brabham BT62.

This is no less than a super excited moment for all the racers of Formula 1. They can have the best racing experience in the coming time. If there is someone a die heart fan of Pro-AM racing, then these events must be followed anyway.

There is a serious checking and observation going on for the planning and scheduling of these events from a couple of months. The managing director of Brabham Automotive, Jack Brabham son, himself is managing each and every single happening of these events.

David has struggled a lot to bring the Brabham name to Le Mans and he felt amazing to announce the date of this event. So far only one track car called BT62 has been launched so far and Jack Brabham son, David believes that there is a still long way to go on this road of success. The best thing is that he is committed and determined to go beyond the expectations of his fans.