4 Maintenance Tips for your Personal Watercraft

Now that summer is finally here, most of you will be planning vacations and tours all over the world. One thing that has to be in everyone’s list is the beach, after all summer vacations are incomplete without spending a whole day playing in water. There are numerous activities one can enjoy on beaches but one activity that had become popular over recent years is riding the PWC. Many companies allow you to rent the Personal Watercraft and ride the ocean. Moreover, a lot of people are also buying their Personal Watercraft. Owning a PWC is similar to owning a car, if you want to keep running smoothly for a long time, you have to take good care of it. So, here are some basic PWC maintenance tips that you can benefit from.

Flush the Engine

After using the PWC make sure to flush the engine every day. Saltwater can calcify in the engine causing it to block. Keep the watercraft in the garden and rinse it thoroughly with freshwater. Connect the garden hose with the flush fitting found on most PWCs and turn on the water. Buy an aftermarket flush kit to aid you in cleaning the engine. This will get rid of excessive salt, minerals as well as dirt and debris collect over the course of the day.

Check the Oil and Gas Tank

Keeping the gas tank cleaned promotes better fuel economy. Since gas tank can collect solid dirt particles and debris which can cause engine knocking and serve as impurities in the fuel, if it is not cleaned for a long time. Empty the gas tank and clean it thoroughly, plus add a fuel stabilizer before refiling it. There are a number of companies that manufacture PWCs, such as Jet Ski, Yamaha, Sea Doo, etc. and the level of oils varies differently in all these models. In order to check oil levels, make sure to read your Jet Ski or Sea Doo 2008-2009 manual. Keep the oil within the range as stated in the owner’s manual.

Battery Care

Before you start riding the PWC in the morning, it is essential that you recharge it during the night. In order to keep your PWC running for year after year, taking care of the battery is significant. Moreover, not recharging the battery for a long time can lead to sulfate crystal formation in the engine which can destroy your watercraft. Recharging the battery between rides can help prevent crystallization and extend battery life. Also, clean the battery with water and baking soda every weekend to maintain it in top condition.


It is equally important to keep your watercraft in the garage and store it carefully. Before starting the on-season rides and, make sure you have washed and waxed it because high UV radiations can damage the external body of the PWC. When you are not using it, keep the temperature of the garage to a moderate since cold temperature is as dangerous to your Personal Watercraft as hot temperature.