The key factors Formula 1 Racing and some of its rules

Formula F1 cars are the example of mobile technology at its finest. These cars are the best performing cars nowadays in the market right now. All of these cars have a standard that is strictly set by FIA. Also known as the Federation International de Automobile. There is a number of rules that are set by FIA for F1 racing and each rule has a significant reason behind it.

Safety measures

In every dangerous sport, the first foremost thing to consider is the safety measures of the player same goes with the F1 drivers. There is some flexibility that has given to the teams to make a little adjustment in the cars to enhance its performance but not those which comes in the way of safety measure of the car. There is a limit of modification that a team cannot exceed to enhance the performance and risking driver’s life.

Getting a good team for yourself

It is always a good thing to find the best team for your car. People usually say that it’s all about the car and the driver performance but it is not completely true. As it is said by David Brabham the three-time F1 world champion Jack Brabham son that he will choose the best team for himself in the new race because his team is his strength.

Material of car

There should be no compromise on the material that is going to be used in the F1 cars. The F cars have only a single seat just for the drivers and its chassis are made from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is used in the means of its strength and the stiffness that it provide to the car interior, and do not exceed the weight of the car. As the FIA has suggested that the combined weight of the car with the driver should not exceed from 600 kg, so teams have to be very careful while manufacturing these cars. Because if the car does not have the proper weight it will not be allowed to enter the tournament.

Quality design

All of the F1 cars have to follow the same quality check rules that have been implied. The major reason for that is all cars should be made equally. All the cars should be perfect in the area of aerodynamics. This will also include the installation of wings and spoiler in the different areas of the car. The most team usually install them on the front rear of the car.

Proper tires

Every Formula 1 vehicle race has explicit tires that the vehicle dashing groups are required to utilize. They are intended for a particular reason. Before 1998, the majority of the groups were required to utilize what is known as a smooth tire. These were tires with no track by any means. These tires had four sections in them and were intended to restrain the speed at which the vehicles could turn. Smooth tires are making a rebound however and will be permitted on the F1 vehicle race track again in the 2009 vehicle dashing games season.