Old Yet the Best Ford for you

Ford is a car selling company and their cars are really worth it. Ford 2006 is old yet the best and liable car in town. Catalog altgrad auto is the catalog of the auto parts company altgrad and they deals with all the auto parts of almost all the car even the ford 2006 parts are available here at a very reasonable price.

The ford’s cars never let the users down and they have a wide range of different designs and featured car for all type of people.

New models of ford are really spectacular but ford has given us the zero chances to ignore its 2006 model as well. The ford focus 2006 is still a remarkable car in the ford’s family. Their ford explorer, sedan, gt1500 and many more are still in trend and highly selling car still.

The ford is a reasonable, yet stylish and fun. It is better than many compact cars. They are full family packets with comfy seats with the soft handles on their sides for arm resting that gives its user a safe, smooth and calm driving experience.

The ford focus 2006 has a slightly few changes from the 2005 models as there are many upgrades inside and out that gives this car a more decent and eye catching look

Body type of the ford focus 2006

The ford focus 2006 came into four body types which include a tri door model of hatchback, a four door model of sedan, the zxw model of wagon and a zx5 five door model of hatchback. The cars you want to buy depend upon you that which style you like and id better for you.

Engines of ford focus 2006

All the models of ford focus come with three engines but the zx4 ST came with four cylinder engine of 2.0 liter. The four door sedan came with a horse power of 2.3 liter four cylinders with a gear of five speeds which is manual.

Safety features of ford focus 2006

Fords are never gone wrong with their safety either it’s their new models or the old ones. A user mostly sees the safety features before buying any car. They go for the cars that have good safety features installed in it. The ford focus has kept this concern of many users in mind.

The focus 2006 has the front airbags that protect the driver from any damage, the door locks are child locks for the safety of children.

The side airbags are not present in these models but they are available for all the models and strongly recommended to have them for your car. It has an ABS feature that helps the driver to have a good steering control in an emergency braking situation.