How to Protect Your Investment with Regular Car Washes

Car washes are an important safeguard against many dangers to the expensive finish of your automobile. Tree sap, bird droppings, acid rain, and even simple sunlight, can all dull and damage a perfect paint job practically overnight. A professional paint job may cost you seven thousand dollars or more. Making matters worse, they often fail to match the depth of rich vibrance and shine that compelled you to buy that car fresh from the factory floor. This is because factory enamels are baked on in layers at high heat, rather than sprayed on and left to dry in hopes of a thinly applied photo finish. 

There is little time in the day to go through the trouble of washing and waxing your automobiles yourself. There are many automated processes and detail shops that will apply a Carnauba wax and weather protection while you play with your cellphone or eat lunch. Keeping the grime off your car with regular washes will also protect it from the scratches and fine swirl marks that accumulate from sediment. Simply look for a quality automatic car wash Phoenix AZ

The desert environment is particularly harsh on cars; due to the fine silts, the desert dust that accumulates like a film overnight. Breathing in this sediment is an irritant that inherently occurs from particles gliding off the car surface at highway speeds. It is a good idea to regularly check your cabin intake filter for cleaning or replacement in light of this dust. The desert sand is actually razor-sharp particles of silicon, the same material that is heated smooth to make glass. 

You can test the weather durability of your car’s finish by simply throwing a glass of water on it. If the water sticks like a film, then damage to the paint is imminent. The water should immediately bead up and glide effortlessly off the surface like water off a duck’s back. Waxing your car also makes it more aerodynamic. This is an added benefit of why airplane hangars are waxing aircraft with Carnauba. 

The dry air and sunlight altogether are not good for the rubber parts of your car. It is important to revive these materials and to apply protective coatings. Few people want to be standing out in the hot sun baking, for the simple necessity of washing their car. It is a great convenience to have automatic car washes in Phoenix, AZ to help us with time management. Life is short, and these systems have been well-engineered to solve a day-to-day reality, serving as an oasis in the desert. 

Make those chrome bumpers shine the way they were meant to be seen. Remove the haze from your headlights. Show everyone how bright and clean the colorful life is, when you stand out like a jewel on the highway. On a final note, remember, keeping your biggest investments in life sparkling retains the value when you upgrade to the latest models. The car washes therefore pay for themselves in the long run.