Best Car Exhibitions That Are A Must Visit

Exhibitions give you valuable insight about evolving technologies and how they can be utilised optimally. They also give you an opportunity to upgrade your car with more sophisticated machinery.

Similarly, a car exhibition combines the latest innovations and timeless aesthetics with new vehicles. They can offer people an option which they can invest in the near future. Only a car exhibition can bring all car enthusiasts under one roof.

Listed below are some of the most popular car exhibitions held across the world throughout the year:

The Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

This show was hosted for the first time in the year 1990 in the capital city of China but is conducted only in even numbered years. The show is also commonly known as Auto China. With the expansion of the Chinese domestic vehicle market, this exhibition has gained popularity and become a significant part of the city’s landscape.

China is the fastest evolving as well as the biggest market for the automotive industry across the world. This popularity has helped the show to acquire greater recognition especially from major car brands like BMW, Bentley, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar. Along with these, several other brands show off their latest productions and upcoming concepts for cars.

The International Geneva Motor Show

This show is generally referred as the Geneva Motor Show and you can easily guess from its name what the show is about and where the show is being held. This exhibition is held in Geneva, Switzerland at the Geneva Palexpo Convention Centre which is located right besides the Geneva Cointrin International Airport.

The biggest advantage of this show is its location since its near the airport various foreign visitors find it easy and convenient to visit the exhibition. They have an annual event which is held in the month of March.

This show was held for the first time in 1905 and since then, every major internal combustion model has been showcased in this show. Along with exotic super car models several steam-powered and benzene-powered vehicles have been displayed over here as well.

London Motor Show

This is arguably UK’s largest car show and is held in Excel London exhibition and convention centre during the spring. Every visitor gets an opportunity to view approximately 150 new cars and also test drive the latest vehicles.

Sometimes, motoring legends visit such shows and/or are invited to attend. If you are lucky you get the golden opportunity of meeting one of your racing idols. You also get to try out the latest innovations in motor technology. You get to see firsthand the best car brands across the world and preview an exciting selection of iconic and historic vehicles.

But, if you are looking for something associated with car racing or F1 cars then you must visit locations that are a little less central, like Northamptonshire in the UK. It is one of the few destinations in the UK that can offer you the opportunity of trying out an F1 simulator and will help you fulfil your desire to drive your favourite F1 car.

Pebble Beach

This show is held in the month of August every year at Pebble beach, California. The show is called as “Concours d’Elegance” which means a competition of elegance in French. This show is more about competition between post-war and pre-war cars.

All these vehicles are evaluated on factors like its function, history, style and authenticity.

Visitors can buy tickets for guide tours. The competition also displays concepts and anticipated production of vehicles. This show is usually, visited by celebrities and the billionaires of the world as they are potential customers of the vehicle.

Tokyo Motor Show

Japan is one destination where you will find all of the world’s largest automakers such as Mazda, Toyota, Nissan and Honda. Since this place is the largest hub for car manufacturers, there are no prizes for guessing Tokyo hosts this motor show.

Generally, this event runs from late October to late November at the Tokyo Big Sight every year. The exhibition is a unique combination of traditional production of cars along with a high volume of concept vehicles.

As a visitor you can expect 20,000 to 40,000 cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles. You can buy Preview Day tickets and be the first one to see the vehicle.

Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition

This show is popularly known as Auto Shanghai and this exhibition alternates with Auto China. This means that this show is hosted in Shanghai during all odd-numbered years. In 1985, this show was hosted for the first time and is considered to be the oldest motor show in China.

You can witness varied concept vehicles and foreign production by prominent brands like Volvo, Chevrolet, BMW and Audi.