The fastest motorbikes 2019

The motorbike is also referred to as motorcycle or bike; these are motor machines or vehicles that have three or only two wheels by which they are propelled. Motor bikes are made and designed differently in order to suit their purpose or landscape in which they are going to be used in. They can be used in a number of activities such as travelling and even motor racing which is one of the most common sporting activities. They can also be used for recreational purposes as riding a bike can be enjoyable especially across a good looking terrain and participating in motorcycle rallies which is also another common social activity among motorbike riders.

Motorcycles are also commonly used since they can be reliable and very fast depending on its build purpose the design as well as the engine that propels it. Some of the fastest motorbikes of in 2019 include;

The Suzuki Hayabusa
It is also referred to as GSX1300R. This is a sporting motorbike that was manufactured by the Suzuki motorbike producers since 1999. As evidenced by the terrific speed, the bike is propelled by a 1340cc, four-cylinder, liquid cooled engine and can travel at a top speed of up to 248MPH. The bikes speedometer can read 60 in just 2.6seconds which is a very high acceleration speed in less time. The Hayabusa is made such that its clutch system reduces back torque especially in high speed situations. Its maximum power is 197HP which it can attain at 6750RPM.

Dodge Tomahawk
The motorbike can travel at a very terrific speed of up to 350MPH, far much faster than most cars when in full flight. Elaborating the source of so immense power, the bike is driven by an 8277cc 10 valve four stroke engines. The bike has four wheels each with their own suspension and uses the chain and sprocket system. It uses double speed manual toe shifts in transmission; it has immense acceleration power as the speedometer can read from 0 to 60 just between 1.75 and 2.5 seconds. It can attain its maximum power of 500 HP at 5600RPM hence even not certified for use in other countries.

Kawasaki Ninja
Is one of the terrific speed beasts’ motorbikes available in the world today. The terrific moving bike can travel at a top speed of up to 222MPH and has a very high acceleration power. This can be evidenced by the fact that the Kawasaki Ninja can hit 60 just within 2.5 seconds. The motorbike is driven by a9988cc liquid cooled, 4 stroke, DOHC with a 16 valve engine which can propel it at a very high speed. The cycle was too first until the producer; Kawasaki decided to install an inbuilt electronic support suite. Some of the other features fitted to the bike include; the Kawasaki Traction control, Intelligent Anti-lock brake system and the Launch Control Mode

MTT Turbines Superbike Y2K
This is one of the most powerful and fastest motorbikes can travel at a top speed of up to 227MPH. The bike is driven by the Rolls Royce 250 C-18 turboshaft engine with a double semi-automatic transmission. The bike can hit 60 within 2.5 seconds hence a very high acceleration rate. Its maximum power is 320HP which it can attain at 52000RPM.

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