Mobile Column Lifts Offers from SEFAC USA

There are cases that you have to lift your vehicles such as for regular maintenance, washing the vehicle, or checking the problems. You can do the process by the help of a mobile column lifts and you have to get the products from the reputable manufacturers. SEFAC USA is one of reputable mobile column lifts manufacturers. There are several things they can do for you. 

Things that SEFAC USA Offers 

This company is specialized in mobile column lift and it has a variety of mobile column lifts. The products are able to use to lift any kind of standard vehicles and heavy-duty lifting projects. Specific companies such as truck workshops, military institutions with heavy vehicles, bus company, dump truck company, and many more. This company also wants to offer flexible vehicle lifting projects along with its wireless column lifts.  

Types of Mobile Column Lifts 

Reputable mobile column lifts manufacturers such as SEFAC USA have two different mobile column lifts. The first lift is wireless column lift in which it is a flexible option because you can lift your heavy vehicles anywhere without cables or electricity power. This product works with the help of batteries and the synchronized wireless communication protocol. Because of its simple system, wireless column lift is able to use everywhere whether it is indoor or outdoor. What you have to make sure is the surface of the area. Just make sure that you only use the lift in the floor surface. 

The second mobile column lift is wired column lift. This type of product is designed for indoor so you can only use it if you want to lift in the workshop. The wired column lift is classified based on the type of vehicle. There is an S1 wired column lift used for bus, coaches trucks, or HD trucks. Moreover, there is also S2 and S3 wired column lift which suitable for civil works vehicles, airport vehicles, garbage trucks, and many more.

Detail of the Mobile Column Lifts 

The detail depends on the type of lift. For example, an S1 column lift can be used to lift up to 12.000lbs vehicles whereas the S2 and S3 are designed to lift up to 18.000lbs vehicles. All of the products have the same number of columns in which you can choose to use a column lift with 4, 6, and 8 columns per set. It can be operated in single, pair, or group model along with pendant or pendant and touch screen. 

In short, you have to use reputable mobile column lifts manufacturers to get a high-quality column lift you need. If you need more information about high-quality column lifts, you can just check it at SEFAC USA’s official website.