Jeff Breault – The Importance of Good Vision for Automotive Racing Drivers

When professional racing drivers are on track, it is important for them to have good vision. In fact, in the field of car racing, this is one of the most basic techniques they should develop. Every driver should be aware of how to improve their vision while driving. This helps them to be faster when on the track.

Jeff Breault – Why is vision an important element of automobile racing?

Jeffery Breault is the Vice President of the Carey, Thomas, Hoover & Breault brokerage firm in Wichita. He is fond of cars and automotive racing. He loves to listen to country music in its spare time too. Jeff Breault has a keen interest in the techniques of car racing and says that professional drivers should look at every phase of the circuit corner. If they wish to be more consistent in the field, it is important for them to work on their vision. This will also help them eliminate major mistakes. Proper practice helps them to become better track drivers on the circuit.

Does vision mean good eyesight for professional drivers on the circuit?

Jeff Breault says that good vision does not precisely mean good eyesight. The term here implies absorbing as much knowledge and information as possible from the racing circuit. In simple terms, it means the input of information that car drivers put into the automobile. This can be in the field of steering, braking or acceleration. It implies what they absorb and sees on the racing track, every spot on the racing circuit track needs attention and detail- this is a positive trait of good car drivers.

The meaning of good vision for professional automotive racing drivers

Professional drivers who are fresh and new to racing circuits generally have a narrow and limited vision. This means they are not able to look far enough. Their vision does not move broadly over the circuit. Jeffery Breault says that if the vision is limited driving on the track is hindered. Professional drivers will find the corners coming in too quickly, and they do not have enough time to make the right choice when it comes to braking, turn-in, re-engaging the throttle.

How do professional drivers act differently from new ones?

Professional drivers who are experienced will look beyond their actual position on the racing circuit and have more time to see what is ahead. They are more proactive and apply the inputs accordingly. In short, they are one step ahead of their position when on the circuit. Professional drivers develop this basic skill over time- they do learn from their mistakes.

Therefore, when it comes to cars and racing, Jeff Breault says vision is one of the most fundamental and important techniques that professional drivers should improve. It takes practice for one to be perfect. Besides racing, he is passionate about cars and always keeps track of the new models that enter the market. He loves cars to such an extent that he also keeps track of their latest features and technologies.