Auto Transport Services

Dedicated to international and national transport, the company provides transport, distribution and distribution services in vehicles of any type and tonnage, whether tarpaulins or closed boxes with rigid road and mini-tier lift platforms.

Transportation services in local, national distribution.

Large distribution with qualified human personnel

For your pickup and delivery is our greatest asset. This is corroborated by 100% of customers.

Express Light Transport

Light transport express light vehicles van, bodywork. Your shipment through Europe registered with daily and continuous monitoring.

Effectiveness, reliability and professionalism in all shipments

Transportation with insurance included.

Any Point of Europe

Smart road transport anywhere in Europe

Punctuality and guaranteed service

Shipping to double driver

Auto transportation NJ to be transport operator distributes the load in the location closest to the shipment and collection without loss of time both in full load and shared (groupage) national and international goods insured in international CMR contract for a value of 300,000$ minimum can exceed This cap depends on the load value and by order of the customer.


National Express (van or bodywork) 1200kg / 1500kg

For your light shipments that need to be delivered in a record time slot

International Express (van or bodywork) 1200kg / 1500 kg

Shipping of your customers for all of NJ and FL 12 / 24h

National mini-tier up to 3500kg payload (option 2 driver)

Deliveries on the day and with your client’s schedule for shipments of more than 1500kg up to 3500kg payload 12/18 European pallets


Mini.tir International loads of 3500kg delivery from NJ to FL 8/16/24 hours

National Trailers loads full nonstop direct shipments to any point of the national territory

International Trailers loads full nonstop direct shipments anywhere in NJ-FL.

Express trailers (2 drivers) for full loads that need to be delivered quickly without stops

Other Services

NJ-FL auto transportation with daily shipments connection with the Islands 24 hours

NJ to FL Islands shipments to other river destinations

Air services in express and conventional cargo (ATA)

For long distance shipments that by road would take longer than they need to be delivered by their characteristics as effective and fast as possible