The MT82 Mustang Manual Transmission

Mustang MT82 is an iconic muscle car that is a pleasure to both drive and look at. And obviously, for optimal experience the MT82 has to be fine-tuned like a swiss clock. Ford has been making this model for decades and other car giants have been introducing spare parts that work well with it too.

Once you’ve made sure that the engine is in mint condition the next most important element inside of your MT82 Mustang is its’ transmission. We are mainly talking about the manual transmission – the must-have feature for each muscle car for everyone addicted to speed and engine power.

The MT82 Manual transmission helps you get the most out of your Mustang. Manual stick means full control of your driving, as you always have an option to give it an extra kick whenever necessary. If the transmission is even slightly out of tune you will not feel the power that Mustang is famous for.

There have been several issues with the MT82 manual transmission that caused a lot of average or even negative customer reviews. Drag racing fans were especially unimpressed with the transmission on the MT82 – it was not durable enough in newer pre-2018 models.

Some drivers have also reported that the manual MT82 transmission does not feel too reassuring as it’s a bit wiggly each time you put it in a gear. There’s also the infamous problem of the third gear lockout that Ford had to address. The MT82 released in 2018 has an upgraded manual transmission that is way more reliable. However, if you have a pre-2018 MT82 Mustang you will sooner or later have to invest into your transmission.

To solve possible MT82 transmission problems you have to either have yours disassembled and examined or you just need to buy a new transmission for your Mustang MT82. Considering it’s a manual, not an automatic one, you can get the new transmission without breaking the bank.

NV4500 could be one of the popular universal manual transmissions, made by GM and Chrysler. The transmission fits all larger Ford vehicles just fine and offers a smooth shifting experience.

When looking for a MT82 Mustang manual transmission for sale make sure you are not getting a used one. Very often used cars are are used to extract parts, clean them and sell for cheap – and you do not want a used manual transmission in your MT-82 Mustang.

To find an MT-82 Mustang manual transmission for sale you can either ask your dealership if they have access to spare parts – or you can find the transmission for sale online, order it and have it shipped to you, after which you will be able to take it to any auto repair shop and have it installed. The NV4500 is a great option for your MT82 so consider reading more about it!