Be up to Date with All the Guidelines when it comes to your Driving Theory Test

Are you planning to take up your driving test? You are just a step away from acquiring your freedom of driving on your own. There are a few guidelines that you might need to follow before booking for your test.

Guidelines to Follow

Make up your mind on when you want to book for the test. Fix a date and log in to the DSA website and book for your test. Ensure that you go thoroughly through the website and carefully read through the rules and regulations. These rules and regulations keep changing from time to time so you might need to be well prepared.

Making payments on these websites is easy. You can be assured that your information will be kept discreet and not be shared with any third party. You can even cancel your booking provided you notify three days in advance for a full refund. When the payment is successful, you will immediately get an email on your registered address. If not, you can contact them with your reference number.

If you plan to book theory test today, then you might need to check for slots available. You can even contact their customer care and see if they can help you with the test centres.

Touch Screen Technology for Taking Tests

The theory test consists of two parts. One is the multi choice and the other is the hazard perception test. You need not have to carry any sort if stationery items with you for the test as you will be answering the questions with the help of a touch screen. You need not have to point your cursor to the screen to select your answer. Touch the answer on the screen and it will get marked.

Invigilators are saved from the hassles of manually grading the test papers as these are automatically graded. It is very convenient for the users also as they need not use any sort of external device to guide to the answers.

Benefits of Using Touch Screen Technology

Some of the benefits of using touch screen technology for driving tests include:

  • Touch screens are easy to understand and helps keep the examinee focused while taking the tests
  • They can even practice for 15 minutes just to get the hang of their touch screen
  • No sort of experience or computer knowledge is required to use touch screen
  • It comes with assistive technology that can also help accommodate differently abled people
  • If you get stuck, you can also rely on an experienced staff to help you
  • You can leave a question unanswered and go back to it later after you have finished with the easy ones

Dyslexic people also have the option of taking the tests through a headset. Questions will be read out to them and they can use the touch screen to choose the correct answer. You need to book in advance to avail this service.


There are two tests to be taken to acquire your driving license. You also need to take your practical test once you have cleared your theory test.