5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying a Smart Car

You suddenly got a promotion or perhaps came to realise that you need a car to minimise your day to day travel expenses. But now you are confused among the various brands and models. With a choice among many different cars, it can be almost impossible to select the one that will be perfect for your needs. Have you considered Smart cars?

Have you seen the mini cars on the road with state of the art features, they are the Smart cars. They may not look classy from the outside, but they have many features that you should consider before buying a vehicle from any other brand.


Always wanted to own a Mercedes but don’t have the money to buy a C Class?

Well, despair not as Smart Car comes at a fraction of the price but still carries the classic Mercedes logo. Of course, it doesn’t look like a Class A or Class C series, but the logo still is there.

Moreover, you can be certain of the build quality and maintenance of the car with a professional company such as Mercedes behind its making.


One thing that buyers should keep in mind before buying any car is the amount of mileage that it provides.  Smart cars, for one, have a healthy fuel economy and they provide almost 30-40 miles / gallon and that’s plenty.

The horsepower may not be great, but it is enough for the size of the car, and a Smart car can easily accelerate to 85 mph.


The safety standards on the Smart Car are unprecedented and top notch. Even though some buyers may be doubtful at first due to the small size of the car, it has been declared crash safety and engineered by Mercedes.

Certainly safer than other cars with the same price range, you can feel secure by knowing that it has 4 airbags, bucket seats, protective headrests, as well as other safety features.


This is especially important if you live in a crowded city or an urban environment where there’s a lot of traffic. With a compact car such as the Smart Car, you’ll be easily able to find a parking space near almost every location. Easily take turns through narrow corners, and be able to park and fit your car into places that other cars can only dream of.

  1. COST

As discussed earlier, the Smart Cars from Mercedes come at a comparatively low cost, and provide the best bang for the buck.

Of course, if you want to further reduce the amount that you spend on a Smart car, then you should consider buying a used smart car.The car will be quite cheaper in value as compared to a zero-meter, but will still be able to give a quality experience if you buy it from the right place. Sandown Group is well recommended for their extensive catalogue of used cars to buy from.

You can use their website to filter out colours, models, manufacturing year, and more to find the perfect used Smart car for sale.